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Every 100 points = $10

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Frequently asked questions

Why aren't isn't my referral code working when I checkout?
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To apply the $15 referral code, you must spend at least $50 on your order
Does the free shipping apply to International Orders?
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Free shipping is only for Domestic Shipping. Silver: Free Shipping on Domestic orders over $75 Gold: Free Shipping on Domestic orders over $50 Platinum: Free Shipping on all Domestic orders
Does my tier status expire?
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The tier term is based on Rolling Year. This is a dynamic 12 month period which begins when you enter a tier. You have 12 months from that entry date to maintain your tier status. If you do not meet the spend criteria within 12 months to maintain your tier status, you will be downgraded to the most eligible tier.
Can you redeem your points for less than $10 or more than $40 off?
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Customers are only able to redeem fixed amounts provided below and cannot redeem less than $10 or more than $40 off at a time. 100 points= $10 off 200 points= $20 off 300 points= $30 off 400 points= $40 off
I spent over $200 in 2019, why am I not Platinum Status?
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Your tiers have an eligibility date of January 1st, 2020. This means any actions before this date do not contribute to your tier status.
Why does my account not reflect my new tier status?
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There is a 21 day delay on the tier eligibility. This is a delay between when purchases are made and when you are eligible for their tier.