Easy Beach-Boho Style (full video for image ads)

Do you long to be a bohemian beach goddess? Do you love the ocean, animals, art, music, harmony, optimism, and just being free? Get your “boho” on with these easy style tips on how to wear the beach-boho style and to embody the bohemian principles.

Beach-boho style is a girly and beautiful form of self-expression. The patterns, fabrics, accessories, and hairstyles that define this charming style become tools for you to express the principles and values that you believe in.

Adapting boho style for the beach means lavish but lightweight and easy-to-wear ensemble outfits that you can wear over a bikini and stuff in your bag when you go for a dip. Beach-ready accessories complete your look, adding color and personality to your signature style.

Finally, Make a statement with your beach towel! When it’s just you, your bikini, and your towel laying out under the sun, choose a bohemian pattern that embodies the lifestyle in every stitch (Boho towel featured here - click to shop!).

Now that we’ve picked apart the beach-boho look, the trick will be not to copy the styles and the designs, but to have fun coming up with something individual and creative of your own. Here are some basic style tips you can use to create your very own signature beach-boho look:

Every day as you get ready for the beach you can create new combinations. Layer on some vintage, folk, hippie, or gypsy style pieces. Accessorize with Greek, Roman and African inspired jewelry or accents. Look to create a charming harmony with each outfit, whatever that means to you! The more you play with it, the more you’ll love the beach-boho look.

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