The Insta-Worthy Bottle That's Saving Marine Life


Did you know that plastic bottles are one of the #1 pollutants in our oceans? Over 14% of ocean pollution consists solely from beverage containers, but can and will fix this!  We can reduce that number and create a positive change for our beaches, oceans and marine animals. By choosing a reusable glass bottle over single-use plastic each time that is one less bottle that could potentially end up in our oceans. Thankfully as we learn more about how harmful single-use plastic is, people are doing more to create functional, and fashionable reusable drink ware! 

Get This Cute Eco-Friendly Glass Water Bottle From The #1 Charitable Beach Brand! 

The glass "Save the Fishies Water Bottle" from Sand Cloud not only helps reduce plastic waste entering our beaches and oceans, it also gives back by 10% of the profits going to marine life organizations with like-minded goals to save marine life!

 💥 Make a Statement 💙 Take A Stand 🌎  Help Save A Sea Lion Today! 😍"Not only is it good for the environment and for a good cause, it's also super cute and totally instal-worthy!" 

The Glass Bottle That Is Perfect For:

💦🍋yummy fruit infused water


🍵☕️ iced tea + coffee and more!

🌎 Plastic KILLS ⚠️ Get The Glass Bottle That’s Making a Difference! 🐠

Feel good about doing your part to save the fishies, while staying hydrated and having fun

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