Sand Cloud on Shark Tank

Sand Cloud Appearing on Shark Tank

Marine life, the oceans and water catchments needs to be protected otherwise there will be damages that cannot be corrected. Sand Cloud decided to play its part in this to help make a difference for the future of our oceans and marine life. They started with an early twist on an age old product, the beach towel!

Adding a pillow to the towel, this was the first idea that got Sand Cloud off the ground. They came with a product that made a difference to beach lovers while at the same time taking care of marine life. Come February 24, 2017, at 9PM PST, the founders of Sand Cloud will be appearing on Shark Tank where they will be giving more details about their story. Startup companies need the funds to take their business to another level. Being on Shark Tanks offers this chance to many of them no matter the field they are in.

The Neck and the Head are Well Supported with the Pillow Towels

The pillow towel they came up is one of the most comfortable towels ever designed at the time, and they will be talking more about the start on Shark Tank. You are used to seeing people lay flat on the beach where there are no sun beds and which is an uncomfortable position for the neck and head. With these pillow towels that are removable, the head and the neck are well supported.

How Sand Cloud Protects Marine Life

There are foundations that focus on preservation of marine life, and they need funds to make their mission possible. Sand Cloud is playing its part through the sale of towels in this. For every towel they sell, they commit 10 percent of net profits to these foundations. They believe a company, no matter the size has the ability to make a difference and it’s their responsibility to make a social change.

High-end Presentation of Towels on Shark Tank

Since the original days of the pillow towel, Sand Cloud realized their community was more interested in different designs and patterns than simply the pillow. With this insight and extensive customer feedback, Sand Cloud switched their towels to focus on beautiful designs and styles. Watching Sand Cloud on Shark Tank will make you understand more about these high-quality Turkish towels. The towels are eco-friendly; and 100 percent hand woven turkish cotton, they are light in weight and perfect to travel with. It’s a convenient beach towel to have with you!

If you love being at the beach and you have not gotten yourself these amazing beach towels, you should watch Sand Cloud on Shark Tank as they show you how it works at 9PM PST on February 24, 2017.
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