'Protect The Ocean' with Salty Luxe

NAME: Sarah

IG: @saltyluxe


SAND CLOUD: Tell us a little about yourself...

SARAH: Hi everyone! My name is Sarah ~ I’m from the small but mighty surf town of Byron Bay on Australia’s East Coast. Salt water is in my veins & there is nothing that makes me happier than being barefoot on the beach with my dog Scarley & my partner Chesh!

I first realized how much I loved travel when I went on a solo trip to live with a hill tribe in Burma & work on an elephant conservation project when I was in my late teens! I fell in love with the world & haven’t stopped exploring since.
I’ve been working on my passion & business Salty Luxe full time for 3 years now (before this time I did it on the side *until 3am in the morning* while working at the Cancer Council in Australia- a charity raising money to fight cancer!). Honestly I loved it so much it made me so happy to work super hard & work toward my goals of full time creative work in the travel industry! These days Chesh & I work together & continue to build our dream together.

SAND CLOUD: What inspires you?

SARAH: Sharing important messages around sustainability, mental health & living an authentic life + being involved in things much bigger than my very small self is what inspires me. If I can support things close to my heart for the rest of my life, I will be the happiest human alive!

Creating this shirt in collaboration with Sand Cloud was so incredible because the message of ‘PROTECT THE OCEAN’ is one that has always meant the most to me. I’m always enjoying the ocean & the least I can do is work hard to raise awareness about how we can protect it!
I feel like I’m the luckiest woman alive - I’m able to use my voice for good & have the massive support of my INSANELY INCREDIBLE community, a group of kind, generous & forward thinking people. I’m so proud of what we have created together. 

SAND CLOUD: I see that the tropics have a big influence on your page, tell us more!

SARAH: For me, I feel free by the sea. It’s a lifestyle & one I’ve always been extremely privileged to have growing up on the beach in Australia. It’s part of me & so I naturally gravitate to anything beachy or tropical. 

Being in the water makes me feel small & humbled & reminds me what’s important in life. It gives me perspective & a feeling like nothing else can. I completely in love.
A palm laced island with no one around is THE BEST SIGHT I COULD EVER SEE. I still need to fulfill my dream of living on a tiny island for a year, one day! #bucketlist


SAND CLOUD: What does "Protect The Ocean" mean to you?

SARAH: There are so many things we can all do every day to contribute to healthy oceans! They are small but very impactful things that as a global community we can do together to create huge change! 

Something I always like to do is collect & bin a few pieces of rubbish every time I visit a beach! There’s an amazing org called ‘take 3 for the sea’ which is doing great things raising awareness of this exact cause!
Wear reef friendly sunscreen - since toxins from normal sunscreen leech from our skin into the water & coral, this is really easy to do & makes a huge difference!
Support organizations like Ocean Connectors who work hands on in schools to educate & connect young people with the ocean! 10% of profits from our shirts will go toward supporting this wonderful charity!
Buy sustainable!! Our shirts are made from recycled bottles & reclaimed cotton! It’s one of our goals to change the way people think of fashion & we’re so proud to be a part of this movement!
"Protect The Ocean"
Salty Luxe x Sand Cloud Collaboration.
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Limited Edition Launches: December 12, 2019



Anything else you'd like to add?
Oh yeah!!
✨WHY IS THE REEF SO IMPORTANT!?... for all those wondrous humans who are interested!
✧The OCEAN 🌊 combined with CORAL, produces 50% of the air we breathe! The ocean is the earths lungs 💛
✧ Coral reefs absorb C02 & regulates the planets temperature 🔥
✧ A sanctuary for thousands of marine species 🦈
✧ Food supply for 500 million people 🧜‍♀️
✧A source of medical advancements!
✧Coastal protection barrier against storms ⛈


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