Ocean Conservation

Nature, specifically the ocean, is the source of life as we know it. The seas must be protected. Many people believe this task is beyond their skills and abilities, but it is quite possible to help in the protection of our oceans. The actions of one individual do matter and should never be doubted. Each person can have a hand in ocean conservation.

What is Ocean Conservation?

Many people are intimidated by the phrase, but ocean conservation is just another way of saying ocean protection. This may be entire ecosystems or species. It means working towards the betterment of ocean health. Conservation International says, “habitat destruction, overfishing, and pollution” all impact the health of our oceans. People depend on the sea for travel, merriment, and of course food, so a healthy ocean is essential to survival. However, humans are not the only ones who need healthy oceans. Marine life needs a thriving place to call home! They do not have anywhere else to go.

What is Marine Conservation?

Sometimes this phrase is used to focus specifically on the creatures in our oceans. The protection of marine life is critical. The NOAA estimates that there are around 2,300 endangered species in our ocean. It is essential to remember that extinction is forever. We must make the effort to protect the creatures we share this planet with. Pollution to their home is a major threat and unfortunately, we humans are to blame. Our trash ends up in their home and trash can resemble food to species who do not know better.

What can be done to help?

There is hope! Helping our oceans is easier than people think, and everyone has the potential to create a positive impact.

  • There are simple approaches such as cleaning up litter and participating in group clean ups. Reducing plastic usage is a great way to contribute to ocean conservation. It can be difficult at first because humans are so used to the evil that is plastic. However, through time you will develop so that you are conscious of your plastic usage.
  • Donations are always welcome to groups promoting ocean conservation. They will most likely put the money towards material to educate the public about our oceans.
  • The best and most effective what to help our oceans is to research and share your findings with others! By spreading awareness regarding the health of our oceans, you impact others. Some are unaware of threats to the sea if they are willing to learn to express how vital a healthy ocean is.

By working together, we can help conserve the oceans. Marine animals require our help to help protect the places they live. The ocean is a source of life. We reap the benefits of the sea every day. It is vital to our existence that our oceans remain healthy and protected.

By: Heather Weller, Plea for the Sea (

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