"Grow Through What You Go Through" Siobhan x Sand Cloud Collaboration

NAME: Siobhan O'Dwyer

IG: @odwyer_sio9

HOMETOWN: Upstate New York


SAND CLOUD: Tell us a little about yourself...

SIOBHAN: Hey Guys! I'm Siobhan- a creative influencer based in California, focusing primarily on my own digital art and editing, alongside brand work and fun collaborations.

SAND CLOUD: What inspires you?

SIOBHAN: Inspiration is so endless for me, I love it! I've always looked to nature, music, fashion, film photography, poetry, memories/ moments, imperfections in life as my sources of inspiration, and what really drives me creatively.  I've always been a creative in one form or another since I was really young growing up as a dancer, to photography, to now what I do specifically today, and every creative outlet I've ever had was always where I channeled my emotions. I don't know what I'd do without it!

SAND CLOUD: I see that flowers have a big influence on your page, tell us more!

SIOBHAN: What I think many are just finding out is that I actually work as a full time pharmacist in addition to my whole creative outlet. And I have to bring all of this up, because it's honestly how all of this began for me. I had just left the Bay Area, California and moved to New York City when I felt like my life was flipped upside down. I had grown so close to nature and having it just outside my door every day to an environment with little to no nature, and a lot more chaos. I would get so overwhelmed on the subways- like SO overwhelmed at first (looking back at this I'm laughing just typing that haha), so I guess as part of my commute to the pharmacy I was working at, I started to distract myself naturally with photos, editing, and flipping through memories from California days. What I was drawn most to were vibrant colors, and wildflowers seemed to be what I missed the most- so I started to just spend my subway rides playing around with different tools and editing techniques until I started to see things I had in my head come to life on my laptop or phone. I love using photoshop, Lightroom, and VSCO to create different floral designs with photos of flowers I've taken all over the world. And each floral design is always something different, and that usually depends on the mood I'm in when I sit down to create. I can wake up, go for a run, go to work, wherever the day takes me, and could see something that inspires me or feel a certain emotion that makes me want to create in a specific color- you get it :)

I think it proves that things happen when you least expect it, and I really never expected any of this when I think back to my first subway rides and editing for my own distraction.

SAND CLOUD: What does "Grow Through What You Go Through" mean to you?

SIOBHAN: That leads me to where 'Grow through what you go through' comes from. This quote by Dhiman (@poetryofdhiman) I had come across about a year ago on Instagram- he is one of my favorite poets I follow. It seemed like such a simple and short quote when I first read it, but the wording I fell in love with and of course the actual meaning. I think with any emotional shift or obstacle I've had in my journey (and this can apply to everyone with changes in life), something beautiful has happened because of that, and I truly believe you can grow from whatever it is you're going through. Change, wins, losses, mistakes-- they actually can all become something positive and beautiful depending on what you do with every situation.  I will always look at New York City and think of my city in flowers because that's honestly where it all began- big challenges can definitely push you and motivate you in ways you didn't even think were possible. I am forever grateful for the opportunities that have come about, and am SO excited to create and collaborate with a company that stands for so much positive change and movement.

"Grow Through What You Go Through"
Siobhan x Sand Cloud Collaboration.
Limited Edition Launching: October 16, 2019


*Siobhan will be having a special Meet and Greet at our Sand Cloud & Marine Layer Popup Event in Venice, CA next weekend. 

October, 19, 2019



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