Snapchat - Behind the Scenes


Snapchat is on the rise to becoming our number ONE interactive social media platform. Using snapchat gives us the opportunity to communicate with our followers on more of a personal level. We wanted to give you guys an inside look into our inspiration and purpose behind each snap. One of the best parts about working with the Sand Cloud team is that we get to have fun and be creative while using snapchat to share our beach lifestyle and spread good vibes. Although we’ve been using snapchat for over a year now, our following has recently started increasing within the last month.

What once started out as simple pictures of beach sunsets has now grown into giving a closer look into our every day adventures with our favorite sand cloud products. With over 5,000 views per snap, it is essential to put our all into every story we create to keep you guys engaged. As you guys can see, each snap is unique and takes time to create. Not only is it awesome when you guys watch our snaps but the best part is receiving responses from you. Anywhere from pictures/videos about your day to questions about products, we love getting the chance to reply back. We are beyond stoked to share our daily adventures with you guys via snapchat & if you’re not already following us be sure to check us out @Sand_Cloud

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