5 Simple Ways to Become Eco-Friendly

5 Simple Ways to Become Eco-Friendly

Hey Ambassadors! 

Any of you want to protect our precious planet?! Many of you have probably seen or heard the alarming data that's out there surrounding climate change, plastic pollution, depleted resources and more! How can we collectively make a conscious effort to live greener, and ultimately better?

This week's topic is focused on how to become more sustainable - read the article to find out how you can be more eco-friendly (because I guarantee these are products you already use on a day-to-day basis). Here are 5 easy ways!

1) Metal/Stainless Steel Straws

First and foremost, let's try and reduce our use of plastic people! If it doesn't have to be single-use - then well, it probably shouldn't be. The biggest item being plastic straws. Let's move towards a more conscious mindset - BYOS! If you don’t already own one, check out our collection here

2) Organic Cotton/Bamboo Alternatives

Instead of paper towels, try organic cotton/bamboo hand or dish towels! It's a great way to substitute them for paper towels. Or if you're not into that, there are also paper towels that are made out of bamboo!

3) Your Very Own Reusable Bottle

Get with the trends! Everyone brings around their Water Bottle with them nowadays! And you've got several options from Sand Cloud available to you - yes, we've expanded our drinkware collection. Check it out :) 

As a matter of fact, use code "MYOWNBOTTLE" for 15% off! 

4) Reusable Grocery Bag

Guess who's got an excellent option? We do! Have you seen our Reusable Net Bag? This eco-net bag is one of our newest additions to our efforts in sustainability - and not to mention, it's super cute too! Perfect for the beach, grocery runs and everyday use!

5) Biodegradable Trash Bags

Biodegrable trash bags are so much better for our environment and they're 100% compostable! 

There you have it! 5 super easy and functional ways you can help and be more sustainable! 

Comment below and tag us on IG and show us how you're becoming more sustainable with Sand Cloud! 

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Written by: Stephanie Tan

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