5 New Years Resolutions with Sand Cloud

1. Drink More Water - We all know two things, 1. Getting your recommended OZ's is crucial to living a happy healthy life, and 2. Single use plastic water bottles are the enemy! This year be sure to get your daily fill of H2O the right way by using reusable glass, or metal bottles! 

Reusable Water Bottles

2. Ditch Plastic Bags - Each year approximately 500 billion plastic bags are used by shoppers. These bags end up in the ocean where sea turtles mistake them for their favorite snack, jellyfish. You can help reduce the amount of plastic in our oceans and landfills by bring a reusable bag or backpack to the store when you do your shopping! 

3. Watch More Sunsets - Now that you've done your part to keep our oceans clean it's time to relax, enjoy, and take in all the natural beauty. Grab your Sand Cloud towel, head to the beach and watch the sunset! 

4. Get Active - Wether it's a trail hike, a sweaty yoga session, or some laps in the pool or ocean staying active is key to a happy and healthy lifestyle! 

5. Save the Fishies - Our marine life, oceans, and beaches are such a beautiful gift. It is up to us to keep them clean, healthy, and happy! Every time you shop with Sand Cloud you're doing your part to help! 

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