Spotlight: Furry Friends of Sand Cloud

Our Sand Cloud team has grown into a diverse community of dedicated ambassadors... including those with four legs. This week, we spotlight a few of Sand Cloud's furry friends and their loving owners.

mandala dog

Puppy Mya Waffles tries eating a shell while sharing a Lavender Pillow Towel with her Mandala Boho Towel friend! Mya is an energetic 6 month old chihauhua-poodle mix, who loves to sleep on her owner’s chest and cuddle while lounging with Krysten E. on her Sand Cloud collection.

pocket dog

Ambassador Jenny S. poses with her Sand Cloud Seafoam XL Beach Blanket with her best friend’s dog, Rue. Rue is a German Shephard. He lives on Amelia Island with our ambassador Jenny. Rue loves the beach and ocean more than anything in world, aside from his owner, Owyn!

iris dog

Ambassador Stephanie H. named her pup Appa after a character on the TV show Avatar. Appa is a 10 month old Great Pyranees/Irish Setter mix. She is clueless and ditzy, but also sweet with an adventurous side. She love to roll in the mud and swim in creeks (drying off with her owner’s Iris Boho Towel)!

lotus dog

Cali, a 5 year old Catahoula, lounges on his owner’s Lotus Boho Towel. The energetic pup loves relaxing poolside with our ambassador Tori M. after running around and playing in the water all day. Tori says she’s extremely loving, and truly a beach-goer’s best friend!

lavender dog

7 year old Edmund loves playing fetch at the beach with our ambassador Carolyn Betty W. Because he’s so short, he is a bit wary of the big ocean waves! Instead, he prefers to relax on the sand with his owner on her Lavender Pillow Towel.

bag puppy

Sierra is a 7 month old miniature American Eskimo pup with a nac for adventure. Although she loves spending time backpacking through the wilderness and splashing around in any water she can get her paws in, her favorite spot is cuddled up in her Sand Cloud Seafoam XL Beach Blanket with her owner, Erika E.

dog tent

At a year old, Koko is a loving and loyal dog, who is faithful to the Sand Cloud brand. Koko’s favorite hobby is staying active outside with our her owner and our ambassador Chelsie D. She loves hiking and going to the beach with her Denim XL Beach Blanket, always begging Chelsie to take her along!

cat orchid

While a majority of our furry friends are canines, Snotz proves kitties love Sand Cloud too! Snotz had a chronic sneezing problem, which gave him his name. He follows our ambassador Maria C. around the house, biting her ankles to get her attention. He’s the spunkiest, most talkative kitty that loves to yell his love for Sand Cloud! (He especially loves his Orchid Boho Towel!)

Want us to meet your furry friend? Take a photo of your awesome animal ambassador with your favorite Sand Cloud product and tag us on Facebook or Instagram!

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