Bag Towel: Back-to-school Essential

With cooler weather and busier schedules, school seems to be in the air. Although the warmer season is coming to a close, you don’t have to throw all of your summer accessories overboard just yet.

The bag towel is the ultimate back-to-school essential. So shake off that sand from Labor Day Weekend and throw in your books to re-purpose your summer love!

Denim Bag Towel Hike

With two colors to choose from, you can pick the one that best fits your style. Make sure to match your first day of school outfit with our Indigo bag towel.

While a bag towel may not be your typical backpack option, it is just as great for carrying notebooks and pens to class. It even has a zipper pocket for your laptop or tablet, keeping your valuables safe while you’re on the go.

Seafoam Bag Towel Board

The bag towel not only matches the functionality of other backpacks, but it also beats any alternative with its versatility. Convert the bag into the towel to enjoy a nice break in the grass after class. The towel is perfect for a lunch break or study session!

Need some extra room for a study group? Throw an additional XL beach blanket in the bag for more space to spread out your work. Bonus points if one of your group members also brings along their Sand Cloud to help out the team!

After class, your bag towel transitions into the perfect addition for extracurricular. Throw in your pom poms or football before you hit the field, or use it to transport your dance shoes or theater costume. No matter what you’re involved with, your bag towel can still come along for the ride after the bell rings.

Seafoam Bag Towel Car

Not only is the bag towel perfect on school grounds, but it also transitions best off-campus. The bag towel is ideal for impromptu trips to the beach or hiking adventures with friends. With a bag towel, you never have to worry about remembering to pack a towel in your trunk before you head off to class.

From class to clubs to crazy adventures, Sand Cloud’s got you covered. All and all, the bag towel is an A+ when it comes to back to school smarts.

Just because the warmer weather is saying goodbye for a few months, doesn’t mean you have to pack up all your summer memories! Whether you are just starting school or already in the swing of things, don’t leave for class again without your trusty bag towel on your back. Please check out the rest of our beach towels and use the first customer sand cloud discount code to receive 20% off your first order. Happy Shopping!

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