4 Ways Becoming a Scuba Diver Can Contribute To Ocean Conservation

Scuba diving delivers a different perspective to the ocean’s marine wildlife by personally touching each individual though it’s delicate yet fierce presence. Being one with the ocean has such a stillness that runs as deep as its waters and fills diver’s hearts with the mystery to which the ocean bestows.

  • Diving and experiencing the rich beauty in untouched nature-  Respecting the ocean is a huge part of being a responsible diver, as is the understanding that divers are privileged visitors to the underwater world. The way we conduct ourselves should be a reflection of the genuine respect we have for the ocean’s eco-system and magnificent marine wildlife. Much of this beauty is said to be a reflection of the protection and great care given to this body of water. Beautiful sandy beaches, and a nice, clear, and crisp vision underwater. All of the aquatic creatures and life forms are in their place, appear to be thriving and fulfilling their duties and roles in the ecosystem. Arising from underwater and opening your eyes to the outside world, gives many divers the passion to be a part of creating a better world.

  • You're in a very earthy community. The community of Scuba Divers, once really explored and ventured into, is very unique. Many divers feel that the earth is being abused, especially our beloved oceans. Forming friendly relationships with many of the divers in the community may give you the feeling of responsibility to protect our waters, if you don't already feel that way after your first dive. As scuba divers, you and your new-found scuba-friends all want to save the main subject of your recreation, the earth’s waters.


  • You want to learn more about the sport and art of Scuba. If you get certified as a Scuba diver, you most likely will want to continue that education and training. If you are using PADI (one of the most common Scuba programs), there will be many different educational paths to follow. One of the most popular choices is the Project AWARE path. “The AWARE program is centered on sea life and what we can do to save it. For nearly 25 years, Project AWARE has grown and changed in response to emerging challenges facing the world’s underwater environments.” If you choose to follow that pathway in your education of Scuba, you will gain a profound understanding to ways you can work with other diver’s to protect our oceans. Often, underwater cleanups are conducted by your local dive shops that partner with Project Aware. Even if you choose a different part of Scuba to follow, various AWARE programs will be there for you to try, as well as almost always being part of a standard course.


  • You will want to share your experiences with others. They say that photos are worth a thousand words and as a diver, you may find this to be true. Often times divers can enlighten people to care about topics by showing them images of the beauty they hold close to their hearts. Posting a picture of a spectacular fish or dive site on social media provides the opportunity for people to see it and want to learn more about marine wildlife and environment. Giving others the opportunity to see the mysterious underwater world can often give people a greater understanding of the beauty divers are witnessing. Perhaps enlightening someone to care, just as much as you do.

Diving provides the opportunity to personally view a mysterious and ever-changing underwater world. The spectacular connection made while traveling underwater transforms the hearts of many divers to develop an understanding and passion to conserve and protect our waters. The beauty found is one that rests deep within the heart forever. Take the leap into the crisp waters and find the warmth and love waiting for you!

-Kyle Sheppard, Plea for the Sea

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