Pillow towel nap time: 9 places to nap with your favorite pillow towel

charcoal pillow towel beach girl

Summer means new adventures, but all that exploring gets exhausting! When the sun starts to drain your internal battery, take a nap on one of our pillow towels. Here are 9 ideal places to lay out on your pillow towel for some well-deserved shut-eye during the dog days of summer.

1. Park it at the park

Pillow towels may have been made for the sand, but they are just as comfortable on the grass! Bring a pillow towel (or three) for you and your friends to enjoy a break in the park shade.

colorful pillow towels park girls

2. Hike to your next nap

Doesn’t a nice nap under a big ol’ tree sound AMAZING after a long, hard workout? Pack a pillow towel in your hiking backpack for your rest break at the end of the trail or top of a mountain.

3. (You're) On a boat

“I’m on a boat! Get your towels ready it’s about to go down...” Listen to Lonely Island and T-Pain: take one of our pillow towels along for the boat ride! Throw one on board to sail away in comfort.

ocean blue pillow towel boat

4. Lounge poolside

Few things in our summer daydreams beat tanning poolside. Sink into summertime bliss and fall asleep on a folding (or possibly floating) pool chair with your pillow towel.

5. Backyard relaxation

Why not enjoy your towel from home? Whether your backyard is sand, grass, dirt, or even cement, a pillow towel makes outdoor lounging practical on your home turf.

6. Hammock hug

The only thing comfier than lounging on a hammock? Adding a pillow towel, of course! Double your nap’s relaxation by swinging away any summer woes with some turkish cotton and pillow support.

pink pillow towel hammock uke

7. Surfboard bedframe

Try your towel out on the water! On calm mornings, lay your pillow towel on your surfboard for a serene nap before the waves. (Hey, even if you fall overboard, at least the pillow towel dries fast!)

8. Around the globe

Pack a pillow towel in your suitcase to take on your worldly adventures. After those long touristy days, enjoy some exotic views with your familiar travel companion.

9. Beach slumber

And last but not least, the beautiful beach. Our pillows towels are the perfect accessory to any beach day, making napping on the sand easy and convenient. (I mean, come on, we’re called Sand Cloud for a reason!)

ocean blue pillow towel girl nap

These 9 places are just a few of the spots to nap with your favorite pillow towel. Have a different destination in mind to unwind with Sand Cloud? Comment below with your ultimate pillow towel nap paradise!

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