XL Beach Blanket - 7 Reasons Why You Should Double Your Blanket Size

XL beach blanket girl

Our Seafoam and Wanderlust XL beach blankets are great options for your outdoor adventures. Over at Sand Cloud headquarters, we’ve come up with 7 awesome reasons why you should double your blanket size this summer.

XL beach blanket two girls

1. Fit all of your friends

An XL beach blanket is ideal for all your buddies on beach days. The bigger size is great for cuddling with your significant other on the sand or lounging poolside with your best friend. It’s the best size for napping out in the sun with your favorite people by your side.

2. Share the space with your board

Do you constantly bring along your surfboard or longboard on your adventures? Grab an XL beach blanket for your valuable companion. After your super-active day, you can lounge next to your sporty BBF (Best Board Friend) in style.

XL beach blanket yoga pose

3. Be the life of the party

From impromptu yoga to a dance-off, the bigger size of the XL beach blanket gives you “so much room for activities”. This makes it the perfect addition to any outdoor party. Bring it to your next bash to be praised for being the best host or guest!

4. Eat your heart out anywhere

Adding food is never a bad idea. The XL beach blanket is the ultimate option for picnics on the sand, by the pool, in the park, or after a hike. It keeps the sand, dirt, or grass out of your yummy treats, while also serving as a great background for your artsy Instagram pic.


XL beach blanket sunset

5. Host an outdoor game night

Wanna play a game? Why not do it outside! The extra space on the XL beach blanket is great for playing cards or board games with your group. From monopoly to charades, the game night possibilities are endless. (Psst… need prize ideas? Why not give away one of our pillow towels?)

6. Cover your bum, protect your stuff

Not only does the XL beach blanket shield more sand, but it also has a hidden zipper pocket to safeguard your valuables. Keep your phone and wallet out of harm’s way so you can focus on more important things, like reapplying sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. For bonus points, slip on our iPhone 5 or 6 bamboo case!

XL beach blanket 3 girls

7. Stay comfortable in uncomfortable situations

The XL beach blanket is always there for you, no matter what the weather forecast says or what your mood may be. Cold day? Cover up in the blanket for warmth while you chill out. Long day? Roll up in the blanket and wrap up your emotions. Consider the XL beach blanket a big hug from us at Sand Cloud any time of the year.

XL beach blanket seafoam

Beach blankets are making waves everywhere this summer. They are the ultimate update on the classic model of beach towels. These 7 reasons are just a few of the ways beach blankets can enhance your outdoor lifestyle. Grab an XL beach blanket to be ready for any adventure thrown your way! You can shop our boho towels today and save 20% off of your order by using the sand cloud coupon code WELCOME. Happy shopping!

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