Turkish Towels 101: What are turkish towels?

turkish towels

The rising popularity of turkish towels has changed the way we relax at the beach. Here at Sand Cloud, we use turkish cotton in all of our towel, blanket, and bag designs.

So what are Turkish towels?

turkish towels


To start, turkish towels are made of 100% cotton, so they are known for being super soft. The cotton actually improves with wear, so a few uses and washes will increase your towels comfort.

When it comes to style, turkish beach towels beat their traditional counterparts by a landslide. The designs and colors gracing the turkish cotton are much more appealing than other typical beach or bath towels. Turkish towels often use pastels instead of harsh tones, as well as simpler patterns like stripes or triangles. These small changes have a large impact in making your beach trips much more classy.

turkish towels

Not only are the towels very soft and stylish, they are also way more practical. The towels are typically larger, so they cover more sand for you and all of your friends. Even though they usually cover more surface area, the thin material actually collapses into a smaller size. This makes it easy to wrap up and neatly tuck away into a purse or beach bag.

All this positive talk about turkish towels may make you wonder: are there any drawbacks to this dream towel? The short answer is yes: but only a couple.

turkish towels

Because of the lightweight material, there may be less of a protective barrier between you and the sand on a really hot day. But hey, if it’s that hot out, you may want to give you skin a break and stay out of the hot UV rays!

The thin material also means that it is not quite as strong as the terry cloth option, but that just means it requires a little more love and care. Just make sure to read the label and be extra cautious when washing it (usually hand wash cold is the safest call).


turkish towels


Overall, the turkish beach towel is still the best innovative alternative to your summer adventures. Along with being your best friend at the beach, turkish towels have many other purposes. The lightweight material is pretty and versatile enough to be used for a wrap or tapestry. They are also great on hikes, at parks, and for festivals.

Over at Sand Cloud, we are constantly using the turkish cotton in new ways to change the way you interact with the beach. We have added Iris, Mandala, and Lotus designs to boho line, we have also utilized the material to add pillows, pockets, and bags to our towels.

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