Basics For a Perfect Beach Day

Beach Towels

Summer is here! As the weather is heating up, your itch for the beach is likely getting stronger. But before you grab your bag and run for the shore, there’s one important decision you have to make: should you bring a blanket or a towel?

Alright beach bums, here’s the bottom line: both provide your bum with coverage from the sand. So which is better? Here at Sand Cloud, we’ve broken down the beach towel vs. beach blanket debate

beach towelsbeach towels

Beach towels are smaller, and usually meant for solo excursions to the shore. Our pillow towels come in various colors, so you’re bound to find one that matches that perfect suit you’ve been saving in storage all these months. 

Heading solo to the sand? Throw a pillow towel in your bag. It doesn’t take up much space, and the built-in pillow will keep you comfortable for your quality ‘me time’. 

beach towelsbeach towels

Having a party? Our XL blanket can provide more functionality with large groups. They make a great barrier from the sand to spread out party games or set up a picnic. Beach blankets are bigger, so they shield more surface and provide more coverage from the sand. Our XL beach blanket are perfect to throw in your bag if you are beachin’ it with a bigger group.  

We know what you’re thinking: “That’s great, Sand Cloud, but how do I know which one is best?!” Well, it depends on the who, what, and where of your summer’s beach adventures.  If you’re hanging with a big crowd, pack an XL blanket. There’ll be space for all of your friends (and room to make even more)

beach towels

While both beach towels and blankets are made for the beach, they are not limited to these locations. They all make great yoga mats, and can be fantastic fantastic at festivals. (Psst… our festival bag towel a great option for you music junkies.)

 Still stuck? Try one of our Bohemian inspired towels. These beauties are slightly larger than our pillow towels, with one of three unique patterns. Not only are they comfortable and functional, but they also serve as nice backdrops for Instagram photos and Snapchats for your friends who aren’t there enjoying the beach with you.

beach towels

Hope our conversation cleared up some of your confusion with the beach towels vs. blanket debate. Keep this helpful breakdown in mind when deciding which to pack for your upcoming summer adventures :)

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