Bikini Instagram Accounts That We Love

We love to follow cool bikini Instagram accounts, and now is the time to find out what’s trending. It's time to  see what the next seasons look is going to be!  Will it be one piece, two piece, or three piece? Who knows! You don't have to do the research because we did it for you. We researched the best and the most trending bikini Instagram accounts so everyone can look their best during the Summer!

1. The Girl and the Water

Collections upon collections, ranging from Mikoh designs to the colorful world of Lulifama. This awesome brand is constantly sharing pictures on Instagram of the newest styles. Not only does @thegirlandthewater supply their viewers with the most beautiful bikinis, but their models are absolutely gorgeous.

2. I Shine 365

One of our absolute favorites! @ishine365 is a must follow on Instagram because of their variety of bikini photos, daily quotes, and breathtaking adventure pictures. This unique brand carries new swimwear designers along with sneak peaks of what is going to be featured. Following this Instagram account will give you a sneak peak into the brand! Such a great bikini Instagram account.

3. Frankie’s Bikinis

Can’t forget about our favorite Malibu native bikini owner and designer, Francesca Aiello.  She has worked to infinity and beyond to create the most unique creations of handmade bikinis. @frankiesbikinis posts simple pictures of the product which gives an idea of what it looks like in person. Simplicity and creativity is key and that is why we love our girl!

4. A Bikini A Day

What if it was socially acceptable to wear a bikini everyday? Well according to @abikiniaday, it is acceptable. Natasha Oakley is the owner of this account, showcasing her favorite bikini brands. This Instagram has expanded into one of the most popular bikini sources in the world!

5. Triangl Swimwear

Creator of Neoprine style bikinis, @triangl_swimwear has made its way to the top because of their unique style and vivid colors. With styles ranging from tie tops, bralette tops, and strapless tops, the new three color block patterns on these babies are out of this world. Such a cool bikini Instagram to check out!

6. Beach Riot

According to owner Nicole, this brand is “RIOT on the beach, PARTY in the street”. Such a cool motto that this brand is all about. @beachriot is all about the hottest and sexiest one-pieces.

7. Beach Bunny Swimwear

One word: LACE! @beachbunnyswimwear specializes in the sexiest lace bikinis and scrunchy bottoms around. These are the best fitting bikinis in all of the land of swim!

8. Mikoh

Mikoh has their own signature look: Chic, Calm, and Simple. A @mikoh is quite impressive because of their creative designs, and unique sprints. This bikini Instagram gives its viewers the upcoming collections in advance so their girlies are well dressed in Mikoh this summer!

9. Kaohs Swimwear

Did anyone say Pucca Shells? Yes, @kaoh_swimwear has created a look like no one has before. Their new “RIE” bikini is handmade with hand sewn Pucca Shells, which gives that real beauty look. Now talk about creativity.

10. Acacia Swimwear

Last but never least, @acaciaswimwear.  These designs are simply one of a kind, offering great quality. Not only does Acacia focus on swimwear, but they recently just debuted @acaciaswimwearbeauty, consists of a Hawaiian Blossom moisturizer. Yummy!!!

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Written by Madison Greene

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