Feature Friday

First 'Feature Friday' with Lauralyn Beaupre!

What’s up guys! Welcome to our brand new series - Feature Friday. Each week, we will feature different ambassadors from around the world! First up, Lauralyn Beaupre tells us some of her favorite things.


sand cloud towels


 Where do you call home?

Jupiter, Florida :)

 What’s your dream job?

I would love to work with kids and be a child psychologist!


sand cloud beach towels


 Favorite sea critter?

 Definitely sea lions, they're just too cute!

 What made you want to become an ambassador?

I wanted to be an ambassador because I have such a love for our oceans. And I love that 10% of the profits goes toward helping marine life too!


sand cloud beach towels

 Favorite Sand Cloud product?

I love my beautiful Luna towel, but I also love my forest green long sleeve Sand cloud shirt. I can’t choose!

 sand cloud beach towel


See more of Lauralyn’s pics on Instagram:


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